REVIEWS: Samsung Galaxy s7



  • Stunning looks
  • Great camera experience
  • microSD slot and IP68 water resistance
  • Glorious display
  • Fingerprint magnet
  • TouchWiz still has some quirks
  • Poor speakers

What is the Samsung Galaxy S7?

    The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the top Android phone you can buy right now. It has a better camera than the LG G5, a design that’s as sleek as the HTC 10 and it should have the team working on the iPhone 7 very worried.

    Yes, initially the upgrades over the Galaxy S6 might seem minor. But they make a huge difference. The camera is faster and sharper, the curved back easier to hold and battery vastly improved.

    There are other great Android phones, like the Nexus 6P, but the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the most complete one you can buy right now.


Jensus says: Nice phone! Glad I used it! No flaws or whatsoever.
Appelkoos says: Upgraded to this phone a few hours ago. Got to say, i'm very impressed! Love it so much! I have the Exynos Octa 8890 2.60GHz. What a beast of a phone this is :D Glad I went with this instead of the iPhone 6s. Now just waiting for my Gear VR to be delivered :D
LordMinion420 says: Just purchase the S7. I can assure you that the money you'll be paying is all worth it. I don't have any regrets for my S7 now. I'm contented already.