Maxis adds free 13GB quota to MaxisONE subscriber along with free 5GB video streaming per month!

   In the media conference today, Maxis has officially roll out one free good deal to all existing and upcoming MaxisONE plan subscribers. This time, Maxis has maximizes the data quota for MaxisONE plan subscribers up to 20GB and comes along with free 5GB video streaming service per month.

   Early this month Maxis has caused a heated controversies due to biased subscription fee amongst the west and east Malaysian subscribers. With most loyal subscriber protest and hop out from the Maxis bandwagon, Maxis officials and CEO has apologize for the scenario and promises their user to come with increased monthly quota cap

  • MaxisONE Plan 98 now comes with 5GB of quota
  • MaxisONE Plan 128 now comes with 10GB of quota, previously at 8GB
  • MaxisONE Plan 158 now comes with 15GB of quota, previously at 12GB
  • MaxisONE Plan 188 now comes with 20GB quota, previously at 16GB